Welcome to ZNC.BG! Free IRC Bouncer service for everyone.
  • Instant Activation
    Fast Sign Up - Automatic Validation - Entirely Free
  • Secure and Stable
    SSL Support - Playback Buffers - Detaching - Anonymous

About Our service

ZNC is advanced Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Bouncer remain connected to remote server in the event the client should disconnect from the Internet.
Often state changes are tracked so that they may be relayed to the client upon reconnection.
Some implementations opt to store all messages sent across the network that the client would have normally received, and send them upon the clients reconnection
IRC Bouncers are usually run on computers with stable internet connections (and static IP Addresses).
The bouncer can stay in a channel while the client disconnects. This way a user can keep their channel modes (like op), and the bouncer can buffer chat messages while the client is disconnected and send them to the client as soon as it reconnects. Multiple devices (like Computer and Smartphone) can share a single IRC nickname.

We provide free ZNC services hosted on our own stable, secure and DDoS protected servers,
with the philosophy of helping to keep the internet and internet services FREE.
The service is based on custom version of ZNC with patches and monitoring tools to integrate our automated system.
Аll you have to do to use this service is to follow the rules, you will help us to keep the service online.
All requests are checked and validated automatically, so you do not have to wait for approval.

We give you quality managed service for free. Because we can!

Request a free account

Please make sure that you are familiar with our Rules before requesting a free account.

  • Free

  • €0

  • 1 IRC Network
  • SSL Support
  • Playback Buffers
  • Detaching Allowed
  • Instant Activation
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Vhosts

1. Connect to our IRC Network and join channel #ZNC

To connect to UniBG IRC Network you can use our WEBCHAT or your favorite IRC Client.
Server: irc.v.bg
Port: 6667
SSL Port: 9999
mIRC Example: /server -m irc.v.bg

2. Register your nickname and confirm it.

/msg NS register (password) (email)
Then check you mail for the passcode.
To confirm your nickname: /msg NS confirm (passcode)

3. Send "request" to our service bot with nickname "znc".

/msg znc request (e-mail) (Network name) (IRCServer[:[+]Port]) [vhost]
[Port] and [vhost] are NOT required parameters
[+] before [Port] is used for SSL connection
In order to see the available vhosts please send /msg znc vhosts

Free Accounts Include

No Monthly Fee

Free ZNC has no monthly service fees, regardless of how many features it offers or how often you use them.

SSL Support

Encryption for both the ZNC port and connecting to IRC servers. We also support unencrypted plain-text connections


ZNC will remain connected to IRC even while you are offline. You can then catch up with what happened while you were gone

Playback Buffers

Stay up-to-date with what happened and when it happened while you were detached


Webadmin, Perform, Buffextras, Keepnick, NickServ, Chansaver, Ctcpflood, Kickrejoin and more

User Settings

Change Your Password, Nick, Altnick, Ident, Realname and Server
  • ZNC is advanced IRC bouncer that is left connected so an IRC client can disconnect/reconnect without losing the chat session
  • When you use our free znc service, the IP and location seen will be ours, not yours
  • Visit our forum and be up-to-date


Available Vhosts

Rating Vhost



You must follow the rules listed below to keep your account!
Last update on 12/05/2019

1 free account per user

Each user is restricted to 1 free account unless other arrangements are made. Attempted hoarding of accounts may result in you being banned from our service.

Follow network rules

Do not break any rule of the IRC network your account is assigned to. This includes ban evading, spamming, repeated flooding, or any other rules the IRC network may have in place.

No illegal content

Do not use our service for anything illegal, such as filesharing, child pornography, etc. This will lead to your immediate removal from our service.

Keep our hostnames clean

We know when an account is banned/z:lined/k:lined/etc. This may lead to your account being removed, or at minimum blocked until we know the reason the IRC network took that action.

No parking of free accounts

Any FREE account not accessed (used via IRC client) after 3 days of being accepted will be deleted.

Keep FREE account every 2 weeks

To keep your FREE account you must join our IRC channel #znc on our network every two weeks. Identify to NS and send /msg znc keep.


Is this free? Do I have to pay for it?

We have free accounts and you do not have to pay for them. You can pay a monthly fee for a premium account to get additional functions or options

What are the requirements for an FREE account?

You need to have a registered nick on our IRC network to request and keep FREE account.

Can I have your bouncer connect on another network/server?

Yes! You can use your ZNC account on any network when follow the rules.

My account was blocked or removed. How do I get it back?

Ask one of the ops in IRC channel or use Contact form. It is at our discretion whether to re-enable your ZNC or not.

I signed up, but now my FREE account doesnt exist?

If you sign up and do not use your FREE account, it may get deleted. Please contact us before make new request.

I need help with my ZNC!

Join #ZNC on our IRC network, ask and wait until someone responds or use Contact form from this web site.

Who we are

Our team consists of people with years of experience in the IT field. We want to contribute to what we can for the free use of internet resources.
IRC is our hobby more than 15 years. Over the years we have learned to programming and scripting ircd servers, services, bouncers, bots and etc.
We always helps users and administrators for their various projects. We can also help you and your projects!

Network routing and security, Cloud services, Firewalls, Web and Mail hosting, VPS hosting, Linux system administrator.
mIRC and eggdrop experience, Tcl scripting, HTML programming.
PHP, HTML, C/C++ programming, MSSQL/MySQL administrator, Perl and Python scripting.
Web design and hosting, Mail and Game hosting, Computer and accessories Store and Service.

Contact Us

We are here to answer any questions you may have about our services. Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.

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